Vlogging With Just My iPhone

Ever since I saw my first Casey Neistat vlog on YouTube, I couldn’t wait to start vlogging. As I travel so much, I always now film with the latest iPhone. I Vlog everything from travel, lifestyle, and shortly my advice.

It Cost £400 to Build Heirzon’s MVP

The Heirizon platform you see today has come a long way from the original MVP. In February 2019 I had a clear vision of how I would recreate the employment marketplace and make it end-user focused. The next day, I sold my iPhone X for cash to pay a developer to help me build a basic frontend platform so I could test it on the market. For those aspiring tech entrepreneurs who want to get in the tech scene, here is how I did it.

I’m a YouTuber

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Thanksgiving In Providence and NY 11:33

Flew over to to Providence, RI to have Thanksgiving beers with brother (Doug), catch up with Drew (stunning new house), and over due drinks with JJ (a legend).

Got a New Office at RWE Moorgate 4:10

Yup, I’ve been AWOL for a few months but I’m now back in London. We got a new digs where Heirizon will be working out of. Let me give you the tour of the new office.

White Collar Boxing in London 5:56

Alann invited me to watch his White Collar Boxing event in London. All the fighters at the event raised over £18,000 for cancer research that night!

Story Time

Growing Up In Africa 10:56

Looks like my father was vlogging back in the 90’s. He just sent over some old school VHS tapes of me growing up in Africa and the footage is out of this world.